14k physical WCoin

How to get your WCoin

Buy minimum 3,500 WIN Tokens and you will get a 14k Gold WCOIN as a gift!

WCOIN 14k gold physical coins will be manufactured in a limited edition and each coin will come with a unique serial number embossed on the coin’s metal surface and an authenticity document.

The WCOIN 14k gold coin will be issued ONLY for the shareholders and the ICO Buyers. NO other WCOIN 14k gold to be issued for other party.

After purchasing WCOIN during the ICO session, for purchasing higher than 3,500 WIN, submit an email to contact@wawllet.com containing:

  • TxHASH
  • Full name
  • The email address you registered in the ICO Process
  • Shipping address
  • Passport or National ID copy

The 14k Gold WCOIN will be delivered on your name to the shipping address before 1st of May 2018.

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