Meet our amazing team

Mihail Lala

Founder and creator

Mihail has managed and (co)founded a wide variety of projects in the fields of Marketing, Fast Moving Products, Crypto Exchanging and Mass Media. His comfort zone is outside the box. Sometimes he writes poetry, sometimes plays videogames, and sometimes he is trading or think-tank-ing. He has learned that the path to success is full of defeats and dead-ends, yet the key lies always in hard work and anchored facts.

He is a dream fulfiller with his head up in the sky and his feet strongly planted in the ground.

Doron Angelovitch

CEO and Co-Founder

"An idea, a vision, Feasibility study, Business plan... it all comes down finally to people and communication between people. During 25 years career I have learned that the Human Resource is the most critical component to make things happen. As a result I have dedicated along the years special attention to first of all see & understand the people in my team, and have healthy direct communication with them in order to precisely define what are my expectations and what are their needs. The rest is just Hard Work, Common sense, and 1% Luck."

Doron is entrepreneur for almost 2 decades in the fields of Medical Services and Fast moving products. With vast experience in Needs Analysis and Sales Psychology, he is highly interested in Human Reaction to Fast Changing Conditions.

Mihai Batrineanu


Mihai Batrineanu is a Romanian entrepreneur, especially known for his contributions to information technology and communication industry. From 1998 he is President of ROL Group, with operations in IT, telecommunications, e-commerce, social marketing and consultancy.

Founder of PCNET in 1994, Mr. Batrineanu has decided to invest in edge technologies of the time. In 1999 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development invested equity and a planned exit was made in 2004.

Liviu Bojescu


With over 15 years of expertise in planning, organizing, leading and controlling technical projects in domains as blockchain, telecom services, communication integrator, hosting and mail services/platforms, cloud(file transfer services), streaming, developing services, advertisement, real estate, high traffic applications etc.

Petru Fuiorea


With over 20 years of expertise in planning, organizing, leading and controlling projects and operations in fast-pace environments, focused on risk mitigation, budget control and operations improvements Mr. Petru Fuiorea undertakes responsibilities over building efficient, reliable and compliant operations. Mr. Fuiorea (born in 1967) holds a MA in Strategic Management and a MS in Telecommunications.

Yair Tauman

Strategic Advisor

Prof. Yair Tauman is a leading professor of economics at Stony Brook University and dean of the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at IDC Herzliya, where he also serves as academic director of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program (since 2009).

He obtained his Ph.D. and M.Sc.(with distinction) in mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, both under the supervision of Nobel Prize winner Robert Aumann. His B.Sc. in mathematics and statistics (with distinction) is also from the Hebrew University. His areas of research are game theory and its applications to industrial organization (patents, market structure and the incentive to innovate, auctions) and imperfect competition. He has published about 60 papers in these areas.

Hugo Godschalk

Banking Advisor

Dr. Hugo Godschalk, a native Dutchman from Den Haag (1957) has been living and working in Germany for more than 40 years. He studied economics at the University of Münster/Westfalia (1974 – 1979). He then spent 5 years as research staff at the same university.

He published several books, expert reports and many articles to monetary and payment related topics (reform, history, innovation, regulation, complementary currencies etc.).

Michael Schnabl

Banking Advisor

Mr. Michael Schnabl is one of the leaders of the European cash transfer industry - among the strictest industries regarding regulation and compliance - with over 25 years of experience in the field, of which 13 years as CEO of Loomis Austriaand president of Loomis Switzerland. This makes Mr. Schnabl one of Europe's top experts in financial regulation and interfacing with central banks and regulators throughout the continent. Mr. Schnabl holds numerous contacts with regulators, banks and bankers across the Eurozone and Switzerland. Schnabl is a jurist, with a degree from the University of Vienna.

Yoram Golandsky

Security Adviser

Cyber strategic advisor to executive teams and the Board of Directors Mentoring cyber security/risk Startups Mentoring CISO's

A seasoned executive and veteran entrepreneur with proven experience in management, sales and technology. Delivered consistent deal flow streams in millions of dollars, managing both branding activities as well as international and local sales execution.