Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the simple idea of this project?

WAWLLET brings together the best of the traditional banking system, new crypto and blockchain-based platforms, new and traditional commodity exchanges and online payment processing – all housed under one roof. The vision is to make personal money management completely hassle free, efficient and inexpensive. This vision aims to effectively integrate the multiple accounts that people maintain for different purposes, removing barriers for funds to flow across jurisdictions or between different financial institutions and making compliance easy and super-fast.

Explain why WAWLLET is a promising project.

No one did it so far. It’s feasible, based on the current technology. It’s 100% legal. It’s fast. Secure. Reliable. Cost effective.

Explain what’s revolutionary and new about WAWLLET.

Remember how expensive it was to talk on cellular phone at the beginning? Remember how dramatically prices dropped down since then?

Well, we at WAWLLET are doing the exact same thing to Banking fees, since there is absolutely no reason for you to pay these huge commissions and wait 4-5 days for a transaction. This is revolutionary!

How many pockets will be integrated in WAWLLET?

  • i. FIAT Pocket – the amount of fiat is deposited and managed by a multi- currency bank account opened in the user’s name at a partnering bank, licensed into the user’s jurisdiction.
  • ii. Card Pocket – the card balance is deposited and managed by a regulated bank or card issuer as a sub-account that is opened in the user’s name.
  • iii. Crypto Pocket – funds are held by the user, secured by a mobile electronic wallet owned and controlled by the user at any time.
  • iv. Gold Pocket – the quantity of gold held/traded by the user is stored in a secured vault by a third-party, licensed into the user’s jurisdiction.

What is the difference between Pre-ICO and ICO?

Pre-ICO is designed for private investors and has a CAP of 1,500,000 USD.

ICO is designed for public token buyers.

Who will be in charge to secure my funds?

Each pocket belongs exclusively to the user. WAWLLET does not have permission to alter the pockets without full customer authentication. Furthermore, your WAWLLET account does not hold any amount of money/fiat, crypto currency or gold but rather orchestrates the operation with the relevant service provider. WAWLLET doesn’t hold the user’s assets at any moment.

Where does WAWLLET revenue come from?

For the provided services, WAWLLET will charge low fees, exclusively payable in WIN Tokens. If a user has no WIN Tokens, WAWLLET will automatically buy WIN tokens on his behalf at the market trading price by debiting one of the user’s accounts and detail it on the statements.

What is the expected result from pre-ICO and ICO?

WIN Enterprises Limited are issuing 100,000,000 Tokens.

10,000,000 Tokens are kept for the WAWLLET Enterprises Limited shareholders, advisors and partners and the rest are offered to the public.

1,000,000 Tokens were reserved for the Pre-ICO session. 89,000,000 Tokens are reserved for the ICO session.

How can I register for pre-ICO?

The Pre-ICO session was targeting strategic partners only and it is over.

Can US citizens participate in the Token Sale?


What will be WAWLLET token’s code name?


What are the benefits for investors?

All WIN Token service providers, such as WAWLLET Enterprises Limited, are legally committed to a binding settlement value equal to the higher between 9.00 USD and the Market Trading Price, in other words, the future nominal value of one token would be at least 9.00 USD guaranteed.

Also, the burning mechanism will decrease the amount of tokens in the market, which will add a pressure to the market and would increase the token price.

Which blockchain will host the WIN tokens?

We are using Ethereum Blockchain.

Is WIN an ERC20 token?


Is registration and KYC mandatory for the ICO session?


How much does 1 WIN token cost during pre-ICO?

1.50 USD

How much does 1 WIN token cost during ICO?

3.00 USD

I don't see the WIN Tokens into myetherwallet. How can I solve this?

If you do not find your WIN balance into your “myetherwallet” please follow the below steps:

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Select “Send Ether & Tokens” and login
  • 3. If the WIN Tokens are not shown on the right bar, at the section “Token Balances”, click “Add Custom Token” and fill the fields as following:
  • 4. “Token Contract Address” – 0x899338b84d25ac505a332adce7402d697d947494
  • 5. “Token Symbol” – WIN
  • 6. “Decimals” – 8
  • 7. Click “Save” button
  • 8. Now you should see your WIN balance. If you still don’t see it, please contact us at
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