Airdrop Campaign

210,000 WIN Tokens from the Marketing Reserve have been randomly airdropped as following:

  • 1 ETH ERC20 address received 5,000 WIN Tokens
  • 5 ETH ERC20 addresses received 1,000 WIN Tokens
  • 50 ETH ERC20 addresses received 500 WIN Tokens
  • 500 ETH ERC20 addresses received 100 WIN Tokens
  • 2000 ETH ERC20 addresses received 25 WIN Tokens
  • 7500 ETH ERC20 addresses received 10 WIN Tokens

The addresses have been randomly chosen based on the following criteria:
* Addresses containing any ERC20 Tokens in the past 1 year
* Addresses registered on the community airdrop session


  • 8,229 ETH addresses containing any ERC20 Tokens in the past 1 year have been randomly chosen from the public Ethereum Blockchain
  • 1,827 ETH addresses have been randomly chosen from the total amount of 18,279 ETH addresses registered during the airdrop registration session reserved for WAWLLET community members (10% according to the airdrop terms).

Please check your ERC20 ETH address to find out if you are one of the lucky ones who have been airdropped, even if you participated to the airdrop registration session or not.

In order to check if you got WIN Tokens please choose one of the below option:

  1. Go to and introduce into the search bar your ERC20 ETH address, press ENTER, click on „Token transfers” and check if you received WIN
  2. Go to your ERC 20 compatible wallet and add WIN Token as following:
    1. Contract address: 0x899338b84d25ac505a332adce7402d697d947494
    2. Acronym: WIN
    3. Decimals: 8
    4. Check balance for WIN Tokens.
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