World’s first multi-asset wallet and personal financial passport

WAWLLET connects people, banks and financial services, both traditional and new.

If you buy 3.5K WIN tokens or more you'll get a shiny 14k gold WCoin like the one spinning in the background. More info here.

ICO Session will end in

Tokens issued/raised funds[1]

... WIN/... USD

WIN ICO current price

...USD for BTC payments (0.000255BTC)

...USD for ETH payments (0.002535ETH)

WIN ICO rates

... BTC ... ETH

Fixed and valid throughout the ICO period

WIN settlement value $...


... USD



Market Trading Price

ETHAR[2] = ... || BTCAR[2] = ... || ETHMV = ... USD || BTCMV = ... USD

[1] Including any and all amounts in any Payment Currency actually raised and/or undertakings for Contributions and subject always to adjustments for any exchange rate fluctuations for any such Payment Currency and/or in accordance with the terms of any such Contribution.

[2] According to at 28.01.2018, 10:00 GMT, as per the White Paper. Fixed values throughout the entire ICO period.

ETHMV and BTCMV will be adjusted on real time for calculating the market value only.

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We are set to change the way that fiat, cryptocurrencies and commodities are transferred globally – between people, banks and financial service providers

Imagine having a wallet in your pocket where all your assets live. Whether its fiat, cryptocurrencies or even gold. Imagine being able to transfer funds across borders, instantly and at almost no cost.

Now imagine you’re a bank or financial service provider looking for ways you can participate in the fast-evolving world of crypto-based technology. Imagine accessing a new customer base and opening up new revenue streams.

You’ve just envisioned WAWLLET, as we have.

WAWLLET's mobile and desktop application will allow you to manage all your fiat, crypto and commodities and transfer them to other people and accounts set in banks connected to the WAWLLET network in a fast, secure and easy way.

WAWLLET's account will be a Personal Financial Passport that is recognized, respected and valued by all the entities connected to the WAWLLET network.

WAWLLET pocket types

FIAT pocket

180 seconds KYC approval

Instant IBAN issuing

Multi-currency accounts

Multi-Bank integration

Card pocket

60 seconds approval

Multi-Account debiting

Instant crediting

Custom made debit cards

Gold pocket

Commodity trading

Physically Vault Storage

International Shipping

Crypto pocket


Independent E-Wallet API

One-touch access

Cold storage

Key benefits of using WAWLLET

  • Full control of your fiat, crypto, gold and debit card accounts from a single app
  • Highly secured – WAWLLET does NOT hold your assets, it just allows you to manage them through third party service providers
  • Fast, secure and inexpensive asset transfer between accounts and between people connected to our network
  • Financial Passport recognized by all the financial service providers connected to our network

Forget what you know about personal asset management and money transfer

The numbers below tell the whole story. Offering legal, fast, secure and easy fiat and crypto transfers could represent a significant opportunity for the remittance market both domestically and globally.

$400+ billion

annual remittance flow worldwide

3 days average

time to complete a wire transfer

$50 average cost

of a wire transfer

0.2% people

in the world holding a crypto account


Technical Research
Feasability Studies
Seed Funding Session
ICO Legal Research
Business Strategy and Budgeting
Pitching Project and Core Team Building
ICO Marketing Setup
Strategic Partners and Advisory Board
ICO Platform Building
White Paper 1.0
Official Website Launching
(Pre) ICO Security Audit
Cyprus Headquarter Establishment
Development of White Paper 2.0
ICO PR and Advertising Campaign
Legal Research and Operational Entity Establishment
Development of Website 2.0
Technology Research and Architectural Development
Strategic Service Provider Partnership (Banks, Exchanges, Traders, Vaults)
Technical Research Branch Establishment (Country - TBA)
Q1 Report
Q2 Report
Q3 Report
Software Development
Licencing Process in first Identified countries
Operational Entity / Center / Branch Establishment
Third Party Strategic Service Provider Integration
Alpha Version
Q4 Report
Security Audit
Beta Version
WAWLLET launch - marketing campaign
WAWLLET Live - General Availability




Executive Board

Doron Angelovitch

CEO and Co-Founder

More info

"An idea, a vision, Feasibility study, Business plan,.. it all comes down finally to people and communication between people. During 25 years career I have learned that the Human Resource is the most critical component to make things happen. As a result I have dedicated along the years special attention to first of all see & understand the people in my team, and have healthy direct communication with them in order to precisely define what are my expectations and what are their needs. The rest is just Hard Work, Common sense, and 1% Luck."

Doron is entrepreneur for almost 2 decades in the fields of Medical Services and Fast moving products. With vast experience in Needs Analysis and Sales Psychology, he is highly interested in Human Reaction to Fast Changing Conditions.

Mihail Lala

Founder and creator

More info

Mihail has managed and (co)founded a wide variety of projects in the fields of Marketing, Fast Moving Products, Crypto Exchanging and Mass Media. His comfort zone is outside the box.

Sometimes he writes poetry, sometimes plays videogames, and sometimes he is trading or think-tank-ing. He has learned that the path to success is full of defeats and dead-ends, yet the key lies always in hard work and anchored facts.

He is a dream fulfiller with his head up in the sky and his feet strongly planted in the ground.

Gadi Monsa

Chairman and Co-Founder

More info

Monsa is a founding member of Ynet, Israel’s largest digital media and publishing company, and functioned as the company’s CTO from day one up to decade later.

Since 2016 Gadi is head of innovative technology scouting for Compass Ventures.

Monsa is a serial entrepreneur, partnering in five digital and online projects, a mentor and an M&A consultant. With this background, he brings a deep understanding of the Israeli tech market, and plentiful connections to local entrepreneurial communities.

Aviram Eisenberg


More info

Aviram Eisenberg is one of Europe's most experienced executives when it comes to Delivering highly complex technology projects. Over the past 15 years, Aviram has recruited and managed large global and distributed development teams and has delivered hundreds of software development projects for International companies market leaders such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, Hutchison, Vodafone Omnitel and more.

Gil Wojakowsky

CLO and Co-Founder

More info

With well over twenty years of advising and serving as a member of the board of directors of many corporations in various industries such communications, derivatives and fintech, Gil has built an international client base, advising on a range of issues including regulatory compliance (e.g., for public entities, ETF and derivatives instruments), M&A and complex commercial transactions.

Gil is admitted to the Israeli Bar Association since 1990 and holds a LL.B. from the Bar Ilan University

Zion Mitrani


More info

Chief Risk Officer, with over 15 years of leading fraud mitigation strategy, development of Fraud Detection solution, implementations, modeling and analytics. Fraud Detection and Prevention SME, delivering products and services to Financial Institutions globally.

Years of providing expert knowledge and consulting on Fraud Prevention systems road-map, building and enhancements of Fraud Detection Platforms, reducing organizations' losses, and improve operations workflows.

Yoram Golandsky


More info

Cyber strategic advisor to executive teams and the Board of Directors Mentoring cyber security/risk Startups Mentoring CISO's

A seasoned executive and veteran entrepreneur with proven experience in management, sales and technology. Delivered consistent deal flow streams in millions of dollars, managing both branding activities as well as international and local sales execution.

Isaac P. Larose

VP Corporate

More info

Isaac is a graduate of the Haifa University Law School and of leading law and patent attorney firms in Israel.

Servicing customers in various countries and across specialties, such as corporate, technology, international transactions and intellectual property rights, Isaac consults his international clientele on strategy, commercial agreements and corporate governance.

Andrei Manuel

VP Cryptocurrency

More info

Andrei has been involved in the blockchain environment for many years now, being the co-founder of, the leading Bitcoin exchanger in Spain, a USA award winning startup.

Andrei was also the founder of the first mobile top up platform accepting Bitcoin, a startup quickly sold to a hedge fund.

He is now active partner in 3 start-ups soon maturing, that will be important milestones in the blockchain world.

He is highly interested in community coining and crypto coin integration in daily life.

Roi Bondi

VP Operations

More info

Roi Bondi has over 10 years’ experience in leading positions in R&D, Project Management and Operations. He has a talent for building global teams that achieve targets in complex environments.

Roi joined Playtika in its early days where as Project Management Officer he established the PM department and was responsible for all production projects and improved processes across departments that led to better planning, transparency and control.

As Playtika grew to become one of the world’s largest social casino games companies, Roi was entrusted with the key senior management role of VP Technology Operations. He manages the R&D department, leading teams of up to 600 people across four global locations. He directs the company’s technologies roadmap, leads strategic changes and adapts organisational structures.

Guillermo Siles

Front End Developer

More info

Guillermo has been involved in developing websites and interfaces for almost a decade. He counts with a wide experience with visual works such as graphic design, video edition and photography.

More recently he has been interested in the blockchain scene serving for several startups in Europe.

Dariya Donetskaya

Area Marketing Manager

More info

Dariya Donetskaya holds a Master of Arts degree in international relations (Catholic University Eichstaett-Ingolstadt).

Her experience in innovation ecosphere is more than 7 years. Dariya took part at the creation of the first specialized university in Russia, "Innopolis" [1]. She has been a Head of the acceleration program (industrial track) of the "Russian Venture Company".

Since last few years Dariya specializes in the development and acceleration of startups. The pipeline with her involvement makes up more than 50 projects. Success story is a project named "T-Tronic". For attraction of investments into the project she has been awarded a prize "Venture Deal of the Year 2016".

Her achievement is also the fact that ""Neirika" [2] company, where she served as CBDO, became the resident status in one of the Russian leading special economic zones.

Dariya is a contributor to many tech media in Russia, including "Forbes"

Advisory Board

Yair Tauman

Strategic Advisor

More info

Prof. Yair Tauman is a leading professor of economics at Stony Brook University and dean of the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at IDC Herzliya, where he also serves as academic director of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program (since 2009).

He obtained his Ph.D. and M.Sc.(with distinction) in mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, both under the supervision of Nobel Prize winner Robert Aumann. His B.Sc. in mathematics and statistics (with distinction) is also from the Hebrew University. His areas of research are game theory and its applications to industrial organization (patents, market structure and the incentive to innovate, auctions) and imperfect competition. He has published about 60 papers in these areas.

Professor Tauman has been the director of the Stony Brook University Game Theory Center for the last 20 years. He served as the dean of the Arison School of Business at IDC(2010-2011), professor at Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University,1980-1987), the Economics Department at Ohio State University (1987-1990) and Tel Aviv University for 25 years (1983-2008).

Prof. Tauman is a member of the board of directors of nine companies, including Radware (since 2011, traded on NASDAQ). He served on the board of Bank Hapoalim, Israel's largest bank (2011-2015, traded on TASE),and ADVFN (2010-2014, A UK company traded on AIM, London). He has been an active investor, mainly as an angel for startups, and has 25 exits.

Hillik Nissani

Marketing Advisor

More info

Mr. Nissani is a seasoned senior executive and advisor with a proven track record of over 25 years across five continents in growing B2B and B2C companies. Mr. Nissani is a growth expert and he serves as a board and advisory board member in several EU and Israeli high tech and Blockchain companies (such as STOX and Wawllet), advising on strategy, marketing, operations and human capital management. His abundant working experience includes the Vice President managing’s high liquidity business unit with revenues of close to $100M and easy-forex’s Chief Marketing Officer where he managed sales and marketing budgets of tens of millions annually.

Hugo Godschalk

Banking Advisor

More info

Dr. Hugo Godschalk, a native Dutchman from Den Haag (1957) has been living and working in Germany for more than 40 years. He studied economics at the University of Münster/Westfalia (1974 – 1979). He then spent 5 years as research staff at the same university. Following his PhD in economics in 1982 with a dissertation on electronic money, he started his career in the payments industry at the Gesellschaft für Zahlungssysteme (GZS) in Frankfurt, last as head of business administration. From 1990 until 1993, he worked for 3 years as a senior consultant for Ordina (Germany) GmbH, covering payment and card business related topics. Since 1993 he is managing director and founder of PaySys Consultancy in Frankfurt am Main. Since 2000 PaySys Consultancy represents the European Payments Consulting Association (EPCA) as German founding member. In 2011 Hugo initiated the Prepaid Verband Deutschland (PVD) as platform of the prepaid industry in Germany. He is representing this group as managing director. He was member of the advisory board of the German Association of the Regiogeld initiatives for many years. Since 2003 he is member of the advisory board of PayComm (database community of the European payment industry).

He published several books, expert reports and many articles to monetary and payment related topics (reform, history, innovation, regulation, complementary currencies etc.).

Michael Schnabl

Banking Advisor

More info

Mr. Michael Schnabl is one of the leaders of the European cash transfer industry - among the strictest industries regarding regulation and compliance - with over 25 years of experience in the field, of which 13 years as CEO of Loomis Austriaand president of Loomis Switzerland. This makes Mr. Schnabl one of Europe's top experts in financial regulation and interfacing with central banks and regulators throughout the continent. Mr. Schnabl holds numerous contacts with regulators, banks and bankers across the Eurozone and Switzerland. Schnabl is a jurist, with a degree from the University of Vienna.

Friedrich Schwank

Financial Regulation Advisor

More info

Dr. Schwank is Austrian and graduated in law from the University of Innsbruck. He has worked in London and Paris, and he practises in Vienna, Austria.

He is admitted to the Vienna Bar and is a fellow of the British Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. His special interests are International, Corporate, Financial and Tax Law as well as Arbitration.

Leif Ferreira

Blockchain Advisor

More info

Being mentor and advisor in blockchain ecosystem, Leif co-founded, the leading Bitcoin Company in Spain.

Leif was the global winner at the Miami Hackathon - Fintech Americas and speaker to many Crypto and Fintech Events.

He is an expert in cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and distributed computing.

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