World’s first multi-asset wallet and personal financial passport

WAWLLET connects people, banks and financial services, both traditional and new.

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Mihail Lala

Founder and creator

Dear community members,

Thank you for your support and for sharing the same values with us.

Our ICO session is concluded now.

56,642,698 WCOIN (WIN) have been issued in total and will remain the overall total supply of WCOIN, as there will be no more issuance, mining or any other form of minting new WCOIN.

Starting with April 14th, 2018, WCOIN will be listed for trading on QRYPTOS.

For all of you who hold WCOIN or for those of you who don't, we strongly recommend to register at QRYPTOS and start trading WCOIN.

Since I never considered the ICO model to be a healthy way of raising funds, we designed it as a marketing tool, in order to reach, reward and finally gather a valuable community around WAWLLET.

And I do believe we made it!

Almost 100,000 valuable members are now a part of the WAWLLET community, daily interacting with us through Social Media Channels, email and other communication platforms.

More than 10,000,000 people heard about WAWLLET during the past 3 months and more than 100 media outlets covered the WAWLLET enterprise.

WAWLLET journey is only at its very early beginning.

We are entering now a new stage. A challenging stage of delivering our vision and building a highly needed product to meet the market needs & demand. This stage will bring along adjustments and innovations, as the crypto field is rapidly evolving, leaving no room for wasting time or mistakes.

I will lead this project guided by two main principles: complying with law requirements and fairness.

A good friend told me once "you cannot make everybody happy, but you must try". WAWLLET concept is now almost 2 years old and, like many start-ups at this age, major decisions must be taken. Decisions regarding the future plans of the project, decisions regarding development and, most important, decisions regarding the team. During the coming near future, WAWLLET team will be reorganized in order to meet the projects requirements as they were shaped and reconfigured according to the latest global crypto evolution. Sometime it's hard to put an end to a partnership, but the sake of the project is the first on the priority list. WAWLLET sets a high level quality standard and, as such, we must be very minded to our target.

It's not going to be easy, as this kind of start-ups usually have less than 5% odds to succeed. As time passes by and we are achieving new targets, these 5% are increasing and we get closer to reach our final goal.

The crypto market is not at its best shape nowadays. The ICOs dramatically lost the public faith and each day less people are willing to bet on new projects. Too many scams, too many failures, too much lack of legislation in this field.

It is our duty to carry on these great ideas and take them to the next level, as Blockchain and ICO model should be and will be part of our future. We have to let our voices be heard, to work with regulators, to understand the market and to clearly see the future and its opportunities.

There is still much to be done, but I'm sure that, as long as you will be on our side, we will succeed!

We will keep you, our community, informed and you will be the first to learn about WAWLLET development status.

Best Regards,

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We are set to change the way that fiat, cryptocurrencies and commodities are transferred globally – between people, banks and financial service providers

Imagine having a wallet in your pocket where all your assets live. Whether its fiat, cryptocurrencies or even gold. Imagine being able to transfer funds across borders, instantly and at almost no cost.

Now imagine you’re a bank or financial service provider looking for ways you can participate in the fast-evolving world of crypto-based technology. Imagine accessing a new customer base and opening up new revenue streams.

You’ve just envisioned WAWLLET, as we have.

WAWLLET's mobile and desktop application will allow you to manage all your fiat, crypto and commodities and transfer them to other people and accounts set in banks connected to the WAWLLET network in a fast, secure and easy way.

WAWLLET's account will be a Personal Financial Passport that is recognized, respected and valued by all the entities connected to the WAWLLET network.

WAWLLET pocket types

FIAT pocket

180 seconds KYC approval

Instant IBAN issuing

Multi-currency accounts

Multi-Bank integration

Card pocket

60 seconds approval

Multi-Account debiting

Instant crediting

Custom made debit cards

Gold pocket

Commodity trading

Physically Vault Storage

International Shipping

Crypto pocket


Independent E-Wallet API

One-touch access

Cold storage

Key benefits of using WAWLLET

  • Full control of your fiat, crypto, gold and debit card accounts from a single app
  • Highly secured – WAWLLET does NOT hold your assets, it just allows you to manage them through third party service providers
  • Fast, secure and inexpensive asset transfer between accounts and between people connected to our network
  • Financial Passport recognized by all the financial service providers connected to our network

Forget what you know about personal asset management and money transfer

The numbers below tell the whole story. Offering legal, fast, secure and easy fiat and crypto transfers could represent a significant opportunity for the remittance market both domestically and globally.

$400+ billion

annual remittance flow worldwide

3 days average

time to complete a wire transfer

$50 average cost

of a wire transfer

0.2% people

in the world holding a crypto account


Technical Research
Feasability Studies
Seed Funding Session
ICO Legal Research
Business Strategy and Budgeting
Pitching Project and Core Team Building
ICO Marketing Setup
Strategic Partners and Advisory Board
ICO Platform Building
White Paper 1.0
Official Website Launching
(Pre) ICO Security Audit
Cyprus Headquarter Establishment
Development of White Paper 2.0
ICO PR and Advertising Campaign
Legal Research and Operational Entity Establishment
Development of Website 2.0
Technology Research and Architectural Development
Strategic Service Provider Partnership (Banks, Exchanges, Traders, Vaults)
Technical Research Branch Establishment (Country - TBA)
Q1 Report
Q2 Report
Q3 Report
Software Development
Licencing Process in first Identified countries
Operational Entity / Center / Branch Establishment
Third Party Strategic Service Provider Integration
Alpha Version
Q4 Report
Security Audit
Beta Version
WAWLLET launch - marketing campaign
WAWLLET Live - General Availability



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